Ms Abramova was born in Latvia. She has always had passion for dogs and fashion.

In 2017 she and her 2 little chihuahuas went to Milan, the heart of quality, style and fashion. This is when Ms Abramova got her inspiration to create and then launch her very own brand Abramova Milano- best quality leather bags with Latvian touch made by Italian masters.

The elements create truly one of a kind simple, elegant and classic products.

Abramova Milano is a symbol of femininity inherited by every woman. Each Lady can find in Abramova Milano collections a product they would love whilst retaining their own style uniqueness.

Most important: all accessories are made at a factory in Venice by Italian craftsmen who have passed their skills from generation to generation.

Abramova believes that the perfectly made things will never go out of the fashion…

And therefore living and achieving the perfection, something you don’t need to change…