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This is the new ECO Friendly and bespoke design.

With our new Climate strategy, we are working with Textile Exchange companies, and it is our driving force for urgent climate action on textile fiber and materials with a goal of 45% reduced CO2 emissions from textile fiber and material production by 2030. The new Industry is providing actionable tools for improvement. Textile Exchange is a new Fashion. 


We start a new multipurpose trend. Be a part of a new change!

By Abramova Milano 


Abramova Milano believes that the most of the desirable products

are in the ones that are not only unique but also timeless. And her accessories boast a modern, and yet classic style.


Being as a leader in a luxury bag business, I aim for my each product
to be finest accessories and design. Each product in our range with
exquisite details and the finest materials.


Abramova Milano mission is to create a stylish line of luxury fashion 

bags and accessories for men and women. We love creating luxury

bags and accessories. We want to inspire our customers as well as our

team by creating wonderful items that will add style and beauty to any closet.

Abramova Milano

Products are conceived, designed and handcrafted with the idea that luxury goods should be timeless. Even more, they should benefit from the time passing by, established by a nice natural patina. Our craftsmen’s skills are the result of years of experience, leathers come from the most prestigious « tanneries » from Italy, our style is a genuine and timeless elegance.

Abramova believes that the perfectly made things will never go out of the fashion…
And therefore living and achieving the perfection, something you don’t need to change…


I strive to reflect of who I am…

Bespoke, handmade, unique…